The Establishment of the office.

CH Hamza International Office for Accounting and Auditing was established by Mr. Nader Shaaban Hamza in 2003

Definition Of The Office

The C.H. Hamza International Accounting and Audit Office was established by Mr. Nader Shaaban Hamza in 2003 and includes many high-level expertise, including consultants and experts in the fields of management, accounting, technical and financial evaluation and consulting in various economic fields.

And it is helping his clients to succeed and this goal is achieved through two main factors:

 – The first is the office’s strong relationship with the client on the one hand.

 – The second is to fully understand the needs of the client on the other hand and work to meet them

To help customers succeed, the office studies different companies and focuses on the key factors of their success, and therefore the office has developed a simplified framework for the basic components of the success of any project, through this integrated framework to have full understanding of the needs of the customer and his working conditions.

Among the most prominent names in the staff of theoffice are thegentlemen:

Mr. NaDer Shaaban Hamza,


Professor Iman Sayed Salama,Chartered Accountant-   Partner and Director of  Audit.

Mr. Mohammed  Magdi Chartered  Accountant- Director of Review.

Mr. Mohammed Hamed Al-Aswad  Chartered Accountant-   Director of Review.

Mr.   Karim Mohammed Accountant- Senior.  

Mr. Mohammed Saeed Hassanein Lawyer – Director of the Procedure Department.  

Mr.  Hani Al-Lawndi,Deputy Director of The Procedure Department.

Mr. Osama al-Adawi,Tax Department.

Mr. Ahmed Hassan Al-Zinni,Lawyer – Director of the Procedure Department.

Professional services provided by the office

The office provides many services, including:

Accounting and bookkeeping


The Office adheres to Egyptian and international accounting standards and applicable tax laws and does what follows......



- The Office adheres to the Egyptian and international auditing standards of......

Taxes and tax checks


Our long-standing experience in tax policies in Egypt enables us to provide our clients with the right technical opinion on how to build.....

Company incorporation

Establishing companies

The office provides the services of establishing companies and modifying them and bloodChaand avoiding them......

Financial and management consulting

Financial advice and management

The office prepares the latest planning, management and management systems for all projects and prepares corporate.....


Evaluating companies.

The office provides a service for serious studies and evaluation of projects as the office cooperates with other offices .....

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